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To ensure an optimal riding experience for all riders, with a primary focus on the safety of our staff, riders, and equine companions, we kindly request your review of our Policies and Procedures at Meadows of Mendon Stables, LLC.

Lesson Monies:

  • Payment is due on the 1st of each month and considered late after the 6th of the month.

  • Alternatively, pay in full from January to June, as per the provided schedule. To qualify as a package, registration for a program is required, and riding lessons must be utilized during the program dates without carryovers to another season.

  • We accept payment in check or VENMO (with an additional 2.29% fee for VENMO transactions).

  • Kindly mail checks and forms to the specified address. A mailbox is available in the parking lot for your convenience. Please refrain from handing payments or forms directly.


Horseback riding is a significant investment, considering the expenses associated with feeding, caring, and maintaining these animals. Timely payment of riding fees is crucial. Special arrangements can be discussed if needed.


Late Payment/Bounced Check Fees:

  • A $25 processing fee will be added to riding costs for the 2nd bill requesting payment.

  • The 3rd bill requesting payment will have a $50 processing fee.

  • Bounced checks will incur a $75 processing fee, plus the bank fee, in addition to riding costs and any accrued late fees.

  • A $25 late fee may be added at MOMS' discretion for consistently late payments.

  • For payment issues, contact Ms. Amy to discuss arrangements and prevent repetitive billing or involving an accountant.



  • Receipts are available upon request.

  • Requests must be made in writing (place in an envelope with payment in the payment box) or via email.

  • Verbal requests for receipts cannot be accommodated due to the busy nature of the stables; kindly send an email.



  • Provide a 24-hour advance notice for cancellations via email or phone, leaving a voicemail. Emails and voicemails record communication date/time.

  • Emergency situations/illness may arise, and while we understand and appreciate these circumstances, repeat offenders will be subject to our policy to ensure proper staffing.


Client Cancellations:

  • Give a 24-hour notice for cancellations to allow adequate preparation.

  • Same-day cancellations result in a full lesson charge. Forgetting to communicate an absence may incur a fee.

  • No show/no cancel warrants a full lesson charge.

  • Ms. Amy may decide on allowing a make-up lesson.


MOMS Cancellations:

  • MOMS may cancel lessons due to extreme weather conditions.

  • Extreme weather criteria include temperatures exceeding 90 degrees or feeling like 95 or above, or temperatures below 15 degrees or feeling like 10 degrees or colder.

  • If challenging driving conditions are expected due to snow, MOMS will email and cancel.



  • Stay home if positive for COVID, RSV, flu, or displaying active symptoms. Return to riding when negative and symptom-free.

  • Surgical procedures require a signed release for a safe return to riding.


Lesson Etiquette:

  • Avoid dropping off at the gate to minimize issues.

  • Follow parking instructions, ring the doorbell, and wear masks as per personal choice.

  • Punctuality is crucial, and riders on lease/full-day programs should bring lunch and snacks. Failure to send snacks/lunch may result in a fee.


Safety Measures:

  • No smoking or e-cigarettes on stables property.

  • Avoid bringing electronic devices, and volunteers and riders should refrain from using cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, or laptops.

  • Only animals residing at the stables are allowed, with the exception of dogs in vehicles.


Horse Interaction:

  • Seek permission before feeding horses, respecting their special diets.

  • Do not hand-feed horses, and if permitted, place treats in feeding bowls on the floor.

  • Maintain a safe distance from horses, especially avoiding standing directly behind them.


Behavior and Environment:

  • Refrain from speaking with instructors during lesson time about scheduling or billing.

  • Avoid loud, unexpected noises that could startle horses/riders.

  • Do not stand in entrance ways, lift night bars, or open/close doors without instructor permission.

  • Encourage a respectful and family-friendly atmosphere; meanness, bragging, or gossiping is not tolerated.

  • Treat volunteers with respect, and family/marital problems should be resolved outside the stables.


Show-off Rides:

  • The focus is on developing horsemanship skills, not on being a show barn.

  • Large groups of observers are not accommodated during regular riding sessions; schedule a show-off ride to share achievements with family and friends.


Scheduling of Horses:

  • Horse assignments, unless part of a full-time lease, are at the instructor's discretion considering horse rotation, other riders, and rider abilities.


Stables Attire:

  • Dress appropriately for safety; inappropriate attire may prevent riding.

  • Boots with heels are strongly recommended, and sneakers are acceptable for specific situations.

  • Sandals or slide-on shoes without backs are not permitted.

  • Follow weather-appropriate attire guidelines for both warm and cold weather.



  • Obtain permission before taking any pictures or videos. Respect the privacy of those who cannot be photographed or videotaped.

  • Non-compliance may result in the deletion of unauthorized content.


Stables Visits/Security:

  • Electric fences are in place to prevent horses from leaving their paddocks.

  • Attend to all family members, and avoid leaving children unattended to prevent injury from electrified fences.

  • Visits are allowed by appointment or scheduled lessons only.

  • Contact Ms. Amy for any visits outside scheduled times.

  • Security measures, including cameras and a locked gate, are in place for the safety of the lesson program.

  • Authorities may be called in case of doubt or discomfort with security measures.


Meadows of Mendon Stables Social Media:

  • No individual or group may open social media accounts for the stables.

  • The stables have an official website and Instagram; contact Ms. Amy if you wish to contribute content.

  • Unauthorized social media accounts may face legal consequences.

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