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Embracing a Harmonious Relationship with Horses


In the pursuit of mastering a genuine connection with horses, it is essential to challenge the notion of dominating these magnificent creatures for our needs. Animals, including horses, are not possessions but beings entrusted to our care. Recognizing this responsibility, we must create an environment where they can thrive.

Contrary to the human inclination for control, animals are born free, unbound by laws or regulations. They serve as a constant reminder that our world is incomplete without their presence. Rather than viewing our interaction as training them, we must open ourselves to being trained by them.

Building a successful relationship with a horse demands time, energy, and patience. The key lies in prioritizing the horse's expectations before our own. This unspoken language, conveyed from the horse to the human, requires us to be submissive, respectful, and cooperative.

The process begins by approaching the horse with gentleness, establishing trust through affectionate touch, brushing, hugging, and using an endearing voice tone. Submissiveness and an understanding of the horse's needs are crucial to creating a safe space for them.

Assessing the horse's readiness to learn or play is the next step. Like young children, young horses learn through play, while aged horses appreciate learning new techniques. Viewing the learning experience as positive and enjoyable allows the horse to become receptive to exploring new tasks.

Horses are capable of identifying their needs and expectations, and it is our responsibility to interpret their unspoken language. Recognizing their logical responses to environmental stimuli, such as rearing during a parade, helps us understand their behavior.

Success in interacting with horses requires surrendering oneself to meet the horse's needs first, establishing a mutual relationship, and allowing the horse to guide the learning process. Shifting the power dynamic from person to horse, changing perspectives, and accepting the horse as a teacher pave the way for a meaningful connection. In this journey, we discover new aspects of ourselves and execute change as needed, forming alliances with these magnificent creatures.

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