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Meggin's Miracle: A Tale of Resilience

& Renewal






For many years, Meadows of Mendon Stables has been a haven for adopting older horses whose previous roles, such as serving in the Rochester Police force or show jumping, have come to an end. These seasoned horses, with their perfect dispositions, find a new purpose and home in the Therapeutic Riding Team.

In the winter of 2002, Amy Jenkins, the compassionate owner of Meadows of Mendon, welcomed Meggin into the ranks of her Therapeutic Riding Team. At 22 years old, Meggin embodied the patient and even-tempered qualities Amy sought in a horse for individuals with disabilities. Despite the chilly weather, Meggin lived up to expectations throughout the winter.

However, Amy became puzzled by Meggin's lack of weight gain, despite her hearty appetite and apparent good health. A veterinary examination revealed heartbreaking news—Meggin was riddled with cancer. Despite the diagnosis, Amy and the vet decided that, as long as Meggin was strong enough, she should continue with the riding program, bringing purpose and joy to her final days.

Meggin persevered through the summer of 2003, but on August 13th, she displayed signs of distress. The next day, Meggin went missing, leading everyone to fear the worst. To their astonishment, Amy and her assistant, Heather, discovered Meggin alive at the edge of the pasture, having given birth—an eleven-month pregnancy that had gone unnoticed.

Carefully cradling the foal, Amy and Heather returned to the stables, then went to collect Meggin. The other horses, seemingly jubilant, sensed the arrival of the new foal. Despite the stunning discovery, Amy and Heather had to act swiftly. The foal, named Meggin's Miracle, was healthy, but Meggin, unable to provide for her offspring, needed immediate attention.

After three weeks, Meggin peacefully passed away, leaving a chorus of whinnies and neighs from the other horses. Meggin's Miracle, now cared for by an old male pony named Lightning, grew into a healthy and occasionally spoiled mare, cherished by all at the stables.

A decade later, Meggin's legacy continued as Miracle became a mother herself. On July 10, 2013, Ginger, with Poland as her sire—a favorite paint palomino trained at Meadows of Mendon—joined the stables. Energetic and sweet, Ginger became a beloved addition to the Meadows of Mendon family, perpetuating the heartwarming story that began with Meggin's Miracle.

Meggin's Miracle


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