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The Story of Meggin's Miracle


Meadows of Mendon Stables has been adopting older horses
for many years. These horses have become too old for the job
they had been doing - perhaps working for the Rochester Police
force, or show jumping - but have the perfect disposition to join
the Therapeutic Riding Team. 


In the winter of 2002, Amy Jenkins, owner of Meadows of Mendon,
accepted Meggin into the ranks of her Therapeutic Riding Team.
The 22-year-old standard bred had to patient and even-tempered
qualities that Amy looks for in a horse that will carry an individual
with disabilities accompanied by as many as four other people.


Meggin was living up to Amy's expectations throughout the winter, however, Amy was puzzled by her lack of weight-gain, despite the fact that she was eating ravenously, and seemingly in good health. An examination by the vet uncovered bad news. Meggin was riddled with cancer. The fact that she seemed so healthy convinced Amy and the attending vet that sho should continue with the riding program as long as she was strong enough. She enjoyed her new job, which seemed to give her purpose.


Meggin continued with the program through the summer of 2003, when suddenly she showed signs of distress on August 13th. Despite the watchful eyes of Amy and the others at the farm, Meggin went missing the next day. Everyone thought the worst as they went off in search of her - Meggin must have gone off to die. Amy and her assistant, Heather, came across Meggin at the edge of the pasture, and made the stunning discovery that not only was she alive, she had given birth. Her eleven-month pregnancy had gone completely unnoticed!


Amy and Heather carefully cradled the foal, brought her back to the stables, then went to collect Meggin.

Amy recalled how restive the other horses became when they brought the foal in. It almost seemed like they were jubilant at the sight of the new arrival. Despite their stunning discovery, Amy and Heather had to jolt themselves into action. The foal was feeding from her mother, but Meggin was in no condition to adequately provide for the hungry youngster. The vet was called, the foal was pronounced in perfect condition, horse formula was prepared and a rigorous feeding schedule was begun.


After three weeks, Meggin stubbornly refused to exit her stall and died peacefully an hour later. Meggin's foal whinnied, and that began a chorus of whinnying and neighing from the other horses that lasted for two days.


The newcomer, appropriately named Meggin's Miracle, bonded with an old male pony named Lightning. Lightning taught her all she needed to know about being a horse, and the other horses all show an uncommon affection and respect toward her.  Meggin's Miracle grew to be a very healthy (though occasoinally spoiled!) mare who is very loved at the stables.


Ten years later, Meggin's legacy continued when Miracle also became a mom!  Ginger was born at July 10, 2013. Her Sire is Poland, a favorite paint palamino who was trained here at Meadows of Mendon.  Ginger is energetic and very sweet and we are very happy to welcome her to the Meadows of Mendon family.  

Meggin's Miracle as a foal

Lightning, the pony who
raised Meggin's Miracle

Ginger as a foal, all legs and energy!

Ginger's sire, the very handsome Poland

Meggin's Miracle

Ginger and Meggin's Miracle

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The Meadows of Mendon Stables is a community based pleasure riding stables that services youth through adults in the instruction of horseback riding.

Stables is Open to Current Riders Only!

Click HERE to go on an hour trail ride!

The environment is very peaceful and focused on education. People with disabilities and non-disabled people are welcome to experience riding at the stables.

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