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Trail Rides


  • $60 a person for 1 hour trail ride

  • OR $80 a person for 1.5 hours trail ride

  • OR $100 a person for 2 hours trail ride


See Our Facilities page.


  • Choose from 23 different horses for your riding time!

  • Sterilized ASTM riding helmets provided for all different head sizes.

  • Riders must wear closed-toed footwear.

    • We prefer our riders to wear boots with a ¼” heel.

    • Open-toed footwear is prohibited. 

  • English and Western pleasure riding available.

  • Ages 2+.

  • Up to 12 people in your group. 



  • Ms. Amy, Ms. Amanda, and Mr. Harrison.

    • See who they are on the Mentors page. 


  • Covid-19 Guidelines by clicking HERE


  • Water Bottle

  • Weather Appropriate Attire.

    • Sunscreen

    • Sunglasses

Time: See our Stables Calendar to see what days the stables is open and closed. 


Cancellations: Done 24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson, or you will be charged a full lesson fee.

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The Meadows of Mendon Stables is a community based pleasure riding stables that services youth through adults in the instruction of horseback riding.

Stables is Open to Current Riders Only!

Click HERE to go on an hour trail ride!

The environment is very peaceful and focused on education. People with disabilities and non-disabled people are welcome to experience riding at the stables.

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