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Ms. Amy


Ms. Amy began riding and training horses at an early age. She took a brief respite while pursuing her education and starting a family. She completed her education while caring for her two children. Her degrees include a B.S. in Human Development with a concentration in Psychology, an A.S. in Nursing and a M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling (physical and mental disabilities).


In 1998 her daughter was diagnosed with globally significantly developmentally delayed with autistic features. This motivated her to combine her previous skills with working with horses again but also being active in helping others within the community. She returned to working, training and teaching horses while renovating an existing stable on her property, with the assistance of the Amish Community. She currently owns and operates the Meadows of Mendon Stables in Mendon, New York.


Amy's background in counseling, nursing, teaching and her skills at riding and horse handling have had a positive influence on the people at the Meadows of Mendon Stables. Her gentle handling of the riders and horses coupled with a creative teaching program has made a wonderful experience for all. She ensures that the stables is an atmosphere dedicated to positive experiences for the families and individuals involved.



Volunteer Mentors

Ms. Kara

Ms. Kara enjoys caring for the horses, youth, and working the horseback riding program. She is always very organized, considerate, focused, and has the ability to direct large groups safely in a task. She enjoys helping with accounting paperwork for the stables. She is a very hard worker and she carries such a positive forward motion with everyone she influences. We are so proud of the way she handles herself with the horses. She is very level headed that is a trait the horses read from her. The horses feel comfortable in her presence. She studied electrical and computer engineering. She talks with youth about robots she is building in college. Ms. Kara graduated December of 2018 from SUNY Oswego. 


Ms. Chloe

Ms. Chloe volunteers at the stables and helps care for the animals. At 5-years-old, she came to the Meadows of Mendon Stables accompanied by her brother. She enjoys doing nursing care, grooming, and spending time with the horses.  Her talents lie in her ability to back-ride with children with disabilities,  and her ability to teach people with disabilities.  She knows horse behavior and she naturally teaches that as you work with her. Ms. Chloe naturally leads groups of people in a task to completion.  Her sweetness and kindness makes the horses feel at ease.


Other Volunteer Mentors:

Ms. Danielle



Mr. Harrison

Harrison is a 21-year-old who graduated from Nazareth College in the fall of 2020. He was president of his class, a Nazareth College Admissions Student Ambassador, a Peer Mentor, a Democrat Election Fellow for the Monroe County Board of Elections, and is academically thriving. He has a passion for Law and helping people with disabilities. He started riding at the age of two. He is a mentor for the youth and positively influences everyone he comes in contact with. Harrison’s natural ability to lead people has been a key in his success. His uplifting attitude, honest disposition, and humbleness puts you at ease while on horseback.  The children follow Harrison around the stables hanging on his last word.  When he repairs the fence-line, the horses follow him around the pastures. His kindness towards people and animals is wonderful. He comes early and stays late. He assists with therapeutic and non-therapeutic horseback riding lessons at the stables.


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Nazareth College on Harrison's passion to

volunteering at the Meadows of Mendon Stables.

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