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We have hosted many successful Girl Scout Outings to earn horse related badges over the last 18 years. We can accommodate as few as six and as many as forty for a horseback riding event. Badge requirements are an investment of two to four hours depending on your troop size. Each scout event will include nonmounted topics, such as grooming, safety, saddling-up, horse care, etc. Each registered rider will have a forty-five minute mounted group lesson.


Each registered scout costs $43.00 per person. For each registered scouts, the sibling or parent, the cost is $25.00 per person. The stables requires $100.00 booking deposit to confirm your schedule event. Checks should be made payable to: MOMS or Meadows of Mendon Stables. 

  • All riders are given an orientation and tour of the stables, reviewing safety rules, understanding the basics, horse equipment review, grooming tips and anatomy of a horse. Each rider will have the opportunity to groom a horse and learn horse anatomy.

  • Each rider will be assisted in leading, mounting, stirrup adjustment, and learning the basics of horsemanship while riding for 45 minutes. Scouts will then dismount and learn to care for their horse they were riding.

  • The stables is utilized as though it was a state park, carry-in, carry-out. Water bottles, sunscreen, sunglasses and weather appropriate clothing is advised.

  • Any kind of boot (with a ¼” heel is ideal). Rain boots, hiking boots are fine. No sandals.

  • Each Scout will go home with a horse educational activity packet.

  • Stables provides ASTM sterilized riding helmets. Please do not bring bike helmets.

  • If it rains, and you have a scheduled event, the program will NOT be cancelled. We have an indoor riding arena.

  • Troops typically bring bags of apples and carrots to be fed at the end of your event.

  • The stables does not provide the horse badges, your leader will provide this badge.

  • Typically, scout programs are scheduled on Saturday afternoons.


Scout Horse Event Rules

  • No smoking is permitted anywhere on the stables or barn grounds.

  • No foul or inappropriate language is allowed at the stables.

  • Only registered and enrolled riders may attend a Scouting Riding Program. Parents, siblings or any other children who are not registered may not attend/watch the program. Show-off rides, or Pop-up rides can be scheduled by a single appointment, $50.00 per ride, 45 minutes. They are separate from a Scout Riding Program.

  • The focus of our program is enabling the scouts attending to meet all the requirements of the badge work. It is distracting and dangerous for the scouts to have parents, unsupervised children running around the stables. It is also against our standard barn policy. We maximize the space we have to facilitate a great riding program. Keeping everyone safe is our top priority.

  • Troop Leaders and co-leaders must be in attendance according to Girl Scout Program Policy. (Please look at adult to girl ratios on the bottom of the page.)

  • Please drive into the stables slowly, we have children and horses all over the property.

  • Arrive about 10 minutes ahead of your scheduled time. Pick-up is promptly at event end time. We have other horseback riders coming in to ride after your event and we need the facilities available for the next group.

  • All scouts, leaders and registered riders must wait in the tack/meeting room until an instructor arrives. Please do not allow them to wander into other lessons occurring in the indoor arena, and they cannot wander into animals stalls. All groups must wait for an instructor in the tack/meeting room.

  • Please make sure that your troop does not sit, play or jump on hay or grain bags. We have chairs and picnic tables throughout the stables.

  • No cell phones or video equipment permitted. If the stables has signed permission slips and parents have granted permission for their rider to be photographed, then we generally take a group photo. The focus of our horseback riding program has nothing to do with cell phones or video equipment.

  • No screaming, running or yelling at the stables. Please be respectful of the horses home.

  • Please relay a final count of registered and enrolled riders seven days prior to your event, by emailing me:

  • We strive to make this program fun and educational, and we appreciate your assistance in helping scouts having a safe and enjoyable experience here at the stables.

  • Girl Scouts of Western New York Safety Activity Checkpoints

  • Horseback Riding

    • Adult to Girl Ratio:

      • They recommend adult to girl ratios are two non-related adults (at least one of whom is female) to every:

        • *6 Girl Scout Daisies

        • *12 Girl Scout Brownies

        • *16 Girl Scout Juniors

        • *20 Girl Scout Cadets

        • *24 Girl Scout Seniors

        • *24 Girl Scout Ambassadors

      • Plus on adult to each additional:

        • *4 Girl Scout Daisies

        • *6 Girl Scout Brownies

        • *8 Girl Scout Juniors

        • *10 Girl Scout Cadets

        • *12 Girl Scout Seniors

        • *12 Girl Scout Ambassadors

What to Bring:

  • Bottled Water

  • Sunscreen

  • Pants/Breeches 

  • Finger Gloves (Weather Appropriate) 

  • Any Kind of Boots (1/4" heel preferably)