COVID- 19 Rules: Meadows of Mendon Stables

Day and Lesson Horseback Riding Program

1.) Arrival- Park your car, put on a mask, your temperature will be taken and you must wash your hands. Parents or nannies must remain in the car.
2.) Please do sunscreen at home prior to arrival.
3.) You can put your packs and helmets on a chair in the parking lot. Lunches go in the huge refrigerator in the indoor arena.
REGISTRATION AND PAYMENTS DONE THROUGH MAIL AND PAYPAL. Checks arrive at my house daily. Anywhere in Monroe County, I receive a payment within 24 hours.

5.) Each day rider needs a fanny pack (mask, hand sanitizer, kleenex, band-aids, bug spray, etc.) Shorts to change into.


6.) Temperatures taken every a.m. and p.m.

7.) Hand Washing station outside and full use of indoor bathroom.

8.) You cannot enter tack room. Only Ms. Amy.

9.) You have full access to the stables.
10.) Same horse, same tack all week. Sterilized box full of grooming supplies for your horse for the week.
11.) MASKS remain on the ENTIRE time you are at stables.
12.) Chairs for morning meeting are 20 feet apart.
13.) Chairs for lunch are 2 eating areas per picnic table.

COVID- 19 Rules: Meadows of Mendon Stables

Trail Riding and Horseback Riding Lessons

1.) Drive in and park your car. Put on a mask that you will wear until you get on and ride. We must first take your temperature via infrared
2.) Even with a mask, please maintain 6 feet + away from each other.
3.) Please WASH your hands in the OUTDOOR WASH AREA, next to the horse trailer.
4.) Then you will proceed to the ASTM riding helmets. Yes, they are sterilized daily via bleach mister after each use.
5.) You will then be directed where your horse or pony awaits your arrival.
6.) You must arrive on-time. You CANNOT arrive more than 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled time. We have youth on-site and Ms. Amy is very protective of their environment. YOU CANNOT GET OUT



8.) Please use the outhouse and wash hands at the wash station.
9.) Advisable to have a fanny pack for sunglasses, water, sunscreen, mask,
keys, etc.
10.) Before you dismount, please put your mask back on and dismount
off your horse. Please wash your hands before you leave.
11.) Please print and fill out General Information Form on each rider. Please submit payment via mail, checks made out to MOMS or pay via-pay pal through this web site.
12.) If you are registering late, then bring forms and payment in an envelope.
13.) We hope you have enjoyed your ride, come see us again!

Click HERE for NYS Guidelines for Covid-19


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