2020 Summer

Youth Camp

Registration currently CLOSED.
Riding Schedule:
  • Riding instruction is for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. English and/ or western style horseback riding is provided. Beginners will be provided a 1:1 walker until beginning horsemanship skills are obtained. Horseback riding instruction is available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced. All horses and ponies residing at the stables are owned by the Meadows of Mendon Stables. Each horse has been selectively trained for our lesson program. You will have access to all of the horses here at the stables.  

Educational Learning:
  • Instruction on safety in the saddle and safety in the stables. Riders will be learning about animal nutrition, grooming, nursing care, and bathing horses. Additional learning will be completed through educational horse packets, workbooks, and hands-on horse care.


  • Games on Horseback:

    • Beginner:

      • Egg-n-Spoon Race, Red-Light/ Green Light, Ribbon Race, Pole Race, Simon Says, Four Corners, Flag Race, Mail Race and many more enjoyable games.

    • Intermediate-Advanced:

      • Level 1 & 2 Jumping, Barrel Racing, Cross-Country Course Riding, Capture the Flag, and Pasture Races.

  • Crafts:

    • Creating horse treats, fabric horse projects, horse sashes, horse finger painting, memory books, and fun paper crafts.

Basic Overview:

  • Horseback riding time and horse instruction occur between 8:00AM and 3:45PM Monday through Friday. The stables is open from 7:00AM to 6:00PM. Rider’s arrival and dismissal are based on your schedule.

  • Riders are matched to horses appropriate for their riding level. They will have 25 different horses or ponies to choose from for your riding time. Each rider is assigned an Equine friend for the week.

  • ASTM helmets provided by the stables. No bike helmets!

  • Ages of rider’s: 5-21 years old o Special needs therapeutic riding program/classes- Utilizing special horses and adaptive equipment. Special needs riders are monitored for a full day with a 1:1 volunteer. Please inquire.

Typical Day at Stables:

  • Upon arrival a rider will learn horsemanship skills, do (assist in) horse care, (help with) saddling-up, riding lesson, lunch for horses and riders. In the afternoon, the rider will have their riding lesson, do (assist in) horse care, and have some reading time.

  • Riders have access to an air-conditioned room anytime they need it.  Full-access to microwave, refrigerator and freezer.

  • Horseback riding occurs in an indoor riding arena, outdoor riding arena, the pastures, and the cross-country course. The indoor/outdoor Arena is for beginners, intermediate, and advanced riders. Pasture races and cross-country course riding is for advanced riders.

 Special Needs Therapeutic Riding Program/ Classes:

  • Utilizing special horses and adaptive equipment. Special needs riders are monitored for a full day with a 1:1 volunteer.  Please inquire.

Session Information:


Sessions                                  Dates                       Days

Session A                            June 29-July 03              M-F

Session B                            July 06-July 10               M-F

Session C                            July 13-July 17               M-F

Session D                            July 20-July 24              M-F

Session E                            July 27-July 31               M-F

Session F                           Aug. 03-Aug. 07             M-F

Session G                          Aug. 10-Aug. 14             M-F

Session H                         Aug. 17-Aug. 21              M-F

Session I                           Aug. 24-Aug. 28              M-F

Horseback Riding Tuition:

Session A through I Day Horse Program:

Session A-I: $340.00 per week/per rider

*No Sibling Discounts.

*No Multiple Week Discounts.

*Pay-Pal Fee's of 3.06%

  • 50% tuition due May 1st for June/July Sessions and 50% tuition due June 1st for August Sessions

    • Remainder due first day of registration

  • 12 Scholarships available, MUST apply by May 1st    

  • Payment plans available, please inquire

  • Payments accepted-

    • Pay-Pal via web-site, accepting all credit cards, checks, and cash

    • Stables accepts all credit cards on site (through Square™)

Special Needs Youth and Youth With Disabilities:

  • Flat rate of $425.00 per rider, per week, Weeks A-I. 

What to Bring/ Wear:

  • Summer Reading Books (NO reading tablets) 

  • Healthy Lunch

  • Multiple Water Bottles

  • Extra Pair of Clothes

  • Please Wear:
    • Boots-
      • ¼ Heel; Paddock Boots; Pull-on or Cowboy Boots; Rain Boots. 
    • Pants-
      • Jeans; Yoga Pants; Breeches.
  • Stables Clothing:

    • Stables Shirt-

      • Students attending horseback day program must wear a Meadows of Mendon Stables shirt. Each shirt is $25.00. Each shirt is included in your riding fee. 

    • Stables Sweatshirt (Optional)-

      • Students attending horseback riding day program can wear a Meadows of Mendon Stables sweatshirt. Each sweatshirt is $40.00.

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