2021 Summer Youth Camp

Registration: OPEN

ONLY scheduled RIDERS allowed to enter stables.
• Arrive on-time, NOT early, not late, on-time, please. Dropping off, STAY in your car, steer to the right, drive counter-clock wise and stop at the steps in the parking lot. MASKS ON. A “RING DOOR BELL SYSTEM” will alert us that you are here. Wait, temperature taken, RIDER ONLY EXITS CAR. Rider washes hands. Leave, return at pick-up time. Arriving and driving to your lesson, pull into the right of parking lot and park in far right corner. AWAY from stables and DROP-OFF traffic. MASKS ON, Temperature taken, wash hands. Proceed to groom or ride.
• WE have to sterilize everything that everyone touches. Every person that walks on the ground, touches a stall lock, uses a handle, wears a helmet, etc., etc. Sterilizing for our riders being present in our facilities has added an additional 2 hours on average of cleaning for the current pandemic we are in.
• Every rider needs, a fanny pack with masks, hand sanitizer, bug spray, water bottle, gloves, sunscreen, lotion, band-aids, sunglasses. NO PHONES.
• Riding Bins- Can be left in indoor arena. Private helmets can be left in indoor arena in “Private Helmet” case.
• We will sit outside for morning meetings, 20 feet apart, and lunches at outside picnic tables.
• Masks on entire time. Social Distancing. Absolutely NO CONTACT.
• Donations Needed: None at this time, we are in a pandemic.
• Riding Schedule:
     • Riding instruction is for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. English and/ or western style horseback riding is provided. Horseback riding instruction is available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced. All horses and ponies residing at the stables are owned by the Meadows of Mendon Stables. Each horse has been selectively trained for our lesson program. You will have access to all of the ponies and horses here at the stables.
• Educational Learning:
     • Instruction on safety in the saddle and safety in the stables. Riders will be learning about animal nutrition, grooming, nursing care, and bathing horses. Additional learning will be completed through educational horse packets, workbooks, and hands-on horse care.
• Activities:
   • Games on Horseback:
        ▪ Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Riders participate
       • Level 1 & 2 Jumping, Barrel Racing, CrossCountry Course           Riding, Capture the Flag, and Pasture Races.
        • Crafts: Creating horse treats, fabric horse projects, horse            sashes, memory books, and horse jewelry.
• Basic Overview:
               • Horseback riding time and horse instruction occur between 8:00AM and 3:45PM Monday through Friday.                Stables open 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Each rider is scheduled a different arrival and departure time.
               • Riders are matched to horses appropriate for their riding level. They will have 21 different horses or ponies to      choose from for your riding time. Each rider is assigned an Equine friend for the week.
               • Ages of rider’s: 5-18 years old
Typical Day at Stables:
• Upon arrival a rider will learn horsemanship skills, learn horse care and tacking horses, One a.m. riding lesson, lunch for horses and riders. In the afternoon, the rider will have a second riding lesson, learn horse care, p.m. turn-out, bathing and grazing of horses.
• Riders have access to an air-conditioned room anytime they need it. Full-access to microwave, refrigerator and freezer. We will be eating outside at picnic tables. Isle-Way and Indoor arena if it rains.
• Horseback riding occurs in an indoor riding arena, outdoor riding arena, the pastures, and the crosscountry course. The indoor/outdoor Arena is for beginners, intermediate, and advanced riders. Pasture races and cross-country course riding is for advanced riders.

Session Information:

Week A: June 28 – July 2, Monday to Friday: OPEN

Week B: July 05 – July 09, CLOSED, NO WEEK “B”

Week C: July 12 – July 16, Monday to Friday: OPEN

Week D: July 19 – July 23, Monday to Friday: OPEN

Week E: July 28 to July 30, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: OPEN

Week F: August 04 – August 06, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: OPEN

Week G: August 11– August 13, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: OPEN

Week H: August 16 – August 20, Monday to Friday: OPEN

Week I: August 23 – August 27, Monday to Friday: OPEN

*August 28th to September 14, 2021: CLOSED

*September 15th, Fall Classes Begin

Horseback Riding Tuition:

Week A, C, D, H & I:

$450.00 per week Beginner Rider

$400.00 per week Intermediate Rider


Week E, F & G:

$350.00 per week Beginner Rider

$325.00 per week Intermediate Rider


• Beginner: Age 2 years old to 12 years old.

• Intermediate: Age 13 to 18 years old.

*No Sibling Discounts.

*No Multiple Week Discounts.

*Pay-Pal Fee's of 3.06%

Riding Tuition:
Week A, C, D, H & I: $450.00 per week Beginner Rider $400.00 per week Intermediate Rider
Week E, F & G: $350.00 per week Beginner Rider $325.00 per week Intermediate Rider
• Beginner: Age 2 years old to 12 years old.
• Intermediate: Age 13 to 18 years old.
• For online registration, visit www.meadowsofmendonstables.com
• Payments accepted
• Pay-Pal via web-site, accepting all credit cards. Checks mailed to the address above. PLEASE DO NOT HAND ME ANYTHING.
• No Sibling Discount, Scholarships, working student programs or pro-rating of weeks, at this time. Please use pay pal or mail a check with registration. NEVER HAND ME PAPERWORK OR PAYMENT. PLEASE MAIL IT. Thank you!!!!!!!!
What to Bring/ Wear:
• Helmets- Go to statelinetack.com, they will show you how to measure, ASTM helmets are inexpensive and mandatory to ride at the stables. We have rentals, it is best to have your own. PLEASE LABEL YOUR NAME INSIDE.
• Fanny Pack with items listed above and riders NEED TO KNOW HOW TO FASTEN AND USE THE FANNY PACK. • Please send in a Healthy Lunch and Multiple LABELED Water Bottles Each Day.
• An Extra Pair of Clothes and other items can be stored in a bin in the indoor arena.
• Please Wear: Boots:¼ Heel; Paddock or Jodhpur Boots; Cowboy Boots
• Pants,: Jeans, Yoga Pants & Breeches.
• Stables Clothing: Stables Shirt- 2021 Color: Red Students attending horseback day program must wear a Meadows of Mendon Stables shirt. Each shirt is $25 per shirt. Stables Sweatshirt- 2021 Color: Navy Students attending horseback riding day program can wear a Meadows of Mendon Stables sweatshirt. Each sweatshirt is $40.00.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions, Warmly, Ms. Amy